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Bad dreams and breast feeding?
I had a strange dream a couple of days ago. In the dream, I had a guy, and every time I went to feed the baby, my breast would smother his face and he would stop breathing. I am a bit on the top-heavy side, and although I have never really entertained the idea of having guyren, I was wondering if this is possible? Can you smother a baby like that? And do large-breasted women have a harder time breast feeding.

Just curious. Any input is appreciated.
Large breasted women only have trouble latching on. Not because of smothering. Babies actually nurse with the breast(no matter what size) pressed completely against their faces. they breathe out of this tiny spot between their nostrils and upper lip.
Don't worry about something that isn't even in the maybe category for happening anytime soon.
Although, I had most of my, "I'm going to accidentally kill my guy" dreams when I was pregnant! :O
Maybe you are too! LOL :)
Anyone have a recipe for boneless turkey breast in the crockpot?
I have two mid sized boneless, skinless turkey breasts (pkg says "tenderloins") that I would like to make in the crockpot tomorrow. I eat a fairly low calorie diet, so can't be a recipe smothered in cheese! Any suggestions?
I cook turkey breasts in my crock pot all the time, and I love to use Campbell's Healthy Request Low fat & sodium "Cream of Mushroom with Garlic" soups. (Or any other healthy request flavor) Just add 2 cans to the turkey in the crock pot. add enough water to cover. cook on high til it falls apart!
It's DELICIOUS, low in fat and calories!! and you can use the remaining "gravy" on potatoes if you like!
Do I have a medical need to justify breast reduction surgery?
I'm a size 30DD. The cup size is genetic - my mother and my father's mother have both had reductions. Admittedly, most of my concern is cosmetic because I don't like how they look, being so big. I heard that you can have insurance pay for a reduction if you have a medical need.

I'm really young, so it hasn't caused me back pain yet, but I have an overactive thyroid that swells up when things press on it, which tends to cause me trouble breathing, so I often can't breathe at night because my breasts smother my thyroid. This causes me throat pain and rampant insomnia.

Does that constitute a medical need to get a small reduction?
baby, your beautiful the way you are.....dont let haters get to you..
How much chicken breast would equal a whole chicken for a recipe I have?
I have a recipe I'm making tonight that calls for a whole chicken cut into pieces. (It's a smothered chicken recipe!) But I only have a bag of tyson chicken tenderloins. How much chicken should I use??
your average whole chicken is about 3-4lbs witht he bony structure so use 2-3lbs of tenderloin. Also your cooking time probably accounts for bone in chicken. Boneless chicken doesn't take as long to cook.
Question about new born breast feeding?
My 7 day year old is breast feeding, and when he does, his nose and mouth are smothered in her big ****. How is he going to breathe i dont understand? Is she suppose to pull her tit back a little and hold it so his nose is getting air?
First your language is very crude. Second, yes, you hold the breast away so the baby can breath. Maybe she go to a lactation specialist.

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