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Erotic movies???....?
im looking for erotic movies with stories in it..
movies for ´´ her / him ´´´´´kind of movies..

i have heard ´´´pink prison´´´´ should be good...???

do you guys have advise on good erotic movies,
nothing hardcore or whatever...very soft and romantic
movies you could watch with your boyfriend,,?

thanks for you help...
In the realm of senses
a wife to be sacrificed(kinda lame)
the piano teacher
9 songs(kinda lame)
warm water under a red bridge
What are the English movies that has romantic/erotic story of older woman in relationship with younger man?
I'm trying to find online romantic/erotic movies that has a story of older woman in relationship with younger man, could you please name some and their year of release? Thanks.
The Reader stars Kate Winslet
go here to read more
Are overweight woman ever found in sexual or erotic movies?
I'm not asking this to be perverted, it just crossed my mind. In all the movies I heard of, that have sex scenes and such, I've never heard of one with a more, heavier, women. I find this interesting, that despite the fact that more curvier and heavier girls are found in the US they're still not in erotic films in cinema history. But am I wrong? Has anyone actually heard of any movies?
I think you're correct... most women in adult films tend to be thin. However, back in the 70s, Marilynn Chambers starred in a porn film called "Behind the Green Door." I believe it was one of the first interracial scenes in porn. There is one scene which includes a very overweight woman... and it is almost to comic effect. This movie is very tame by today's standards.
What are the best erotic movies available in internet?
i want a list of some good erotic movies which can be downloaded thru torrents. can anybody help?
are you looking for soft-core or hard-core movies?
Where is a good place to find erotic movies for couples?
me and my wife were curious as to where we could find erotic movies that were not just hard core porn. Something for us to watch as a couple when the guyo's are asleep and we finally get some alone time. Any free links would help

free and i never got a virus on this site
Where do I rent or buy erotic movies in toronto?
Would like to know of any stores where I can buy or rent erotica ( soft) not XXX hardcore movies, in Toronto. Can anyone suggest some stores please ?
There are several stores on Yonge (a bit north of Dundas). Haven't personally perused them but they are huge and probably have everything you are looking for. Have fun. ;)
What are some good erotic movies?
What are some good erotic movies?
(Note that these are a few films that are mainstream and not hardcore. This list is not meant to be exhaustive.)

1) The Lover - with a young Jane March, this film is set in colonial Vietnam. Very well done for this type of film.

2) Lady Chatterley’s Lover - with Sylvia Kristel. She was all the rage among young men back in the 80’s and I thought this film was a decent adaptation.

3) The Emmanuelle Series - more Sylvia Kristel. This set is definitely NOT high-brow, but it is erotic.

4) 9 1/2 Weeks - with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. This one is a classic in the Erotic genre.

5) Secretary - with Maggie Gyllenhal and James Spader. This one may be more of an acquired taste if your not interested in the Dominance/submission angle.

6) Black Book - with Carice Van Houten. This is director Paul Verhoeven's take on the Dutch Resistance in WWII. If there was ever such a thing as an erotic war film, this is it.

Some folks might throw in Showgirls (also directed by Verhoeven), but that’s not my cup of tea. I have, on occasion, enjoyed watching Bound, if you like Gina Gershon.
What's the difference between erotic movies and pornographic movies?
I need to understand this so that I can clearly distinguish between the two.
Erotic movies are your common sex movies and pornographic movies are involving violence. Using the word pornography to talk about what you find in the 18+ section of your video store is a common mistake.
Why do erotic movies show women like wives or friends and they start to act lesbian with another women?
but are they totally lesbians or just bi? they have actions with both genders? they look very feminine and when a woman starts with them.. they look innocence.. are they true lesbians or bi? or just they are acting like that for money?
When you become a pornographic actress, you can state your preference. You can either work as a "girl-on-girl" performer or you can be cast as only heterosexual. My understanding is that "girl-on-girl" performers make much more money because these films play to a larger audience. Most men will tell you that "girl-on-girl" action is why they mostly rent pornographic movies. It plays out to their fantasies.

The more innocent a performer looks, the more excited people become. It's all part of a fantasy. The same way as when these same performers dress up in different costumes. They are playing/panning for the camera. It's all in a day's work.

When asking about lesbians or bi people. That's the person's preference. Some actor/actresses are straight, some are gay, and some are bi.

Have a lovely rest of the evening.
Very romantic and erotic movies of kate winslet?
In which she exposes her assets?
try and enter her name - you will find she has disrobed in a few films

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