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What do i do if this girl stay in my house and she let me see her thong and let take her pics?
this weenked this cute girl stay at my house and she told me to talk pics of her but show me her thong too and her *** but with a tight pants.
You will be in for a good fight.
Which WWE Diva in terms of looks do you like the best that is currently in WWE?
For me it's a tie between Melina Perez and Victoria. Both have long dark hair, dark skin, seductive eyes, pretty faces, large breasts, and big attractive asses that Victoria often shows off in short booty shorts with them hanging out along with tight tops loved how she was kissing Candice and doing that pose where she would be leaning foward over the ropes while Melina has shown her figure in a tight leather corset,tight t shirts, tight tops, wrestling tops, and her *** in super short skirts, tight wrestling pants, and thongs when she was stripped down by Ashley, along with when she was knocked out after wrestling Trish it had her skirt up revealing her underwear booty shorts and under that she was wearing a thong. Also when Torrie WIlson and Candice Michelle stripped her down back in the pay per view event of 2005 with Candice as the special referee.
melina is the hotes from her body wow do she got a body !!!!
How do Chavs manage to get it so spectacularly wrong?
Tracksuits EVERY day of the week? Socks worn over the trousers? Zipper tops for the ladies (chavettes) just above their belly button so we get to see the blubber hanging out? Tight jeans on McDonalds thighs? 50trillion fake gold necklaces from Argos? Giant circles belts? "Golddigga" and "Princess" labelled on their arses? Thongs up to their shoulders? Hair scraped back into a pony tail with a whole can of hairspray? And for the guys it plastered down onto their foreheads with a tub of gel? WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE CRAZY IDEAS FROM? AND WHY DO THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME?!
I dont think it matter if thats how they want to look let it be.
What should I wear this dress with?
I bought this Bob Marley dress that's way too tight, but I love how it looks. It's light brown with like pink and orange colors all over it. The only area I'm concerned about is the butt, because it's tight and a little see through. When I wear a thong with it you can see my *** crack. Do you think I should either try to wear it over jeans, wear a really long sweater with it, or try to like roll it up and tie it so it's shorter?
biker shorts !
What Is The Best Underwear For GirlPants or GirlJeans?
I am a guy who likes to wear tight girl jeans to raves and such. i want something that would make my *** look great and and look sexy when i hook up and drop the pants. I was thinking of a girl panty or thong or perhaps guy brief or thong. What's your opinion..... THANKS
I wear girls jeans too. I love the fit. I wear low rise micro-fiber panties. I really like barelythere Invisible Look Bikini, but they are discontinuing it. Go to and look at vanity fair string bikini and maidenform panties and calvin klein too. Look at the reviews. Lots of guys wear them and have given reviews.
Question for the ladys!?
Why do you girls walk around wtih low cut tops when im in a nightclub with my bird ?? How am i surposed to not look ?> Why do you do that , do you purposley try and cause an arguement by forseing the male to look at you and then get a slap i the face for been a pervert .?
OR OR !!
Why do you have to wear them tight *** jeans in the middle of a populated shopping centre with the little bit of thong showing !! I have to make my wife turn round and pretend im intrested in the health and beauty section just so i can have a quick look !

My question is do you want men to look ? Do you understand the dangers and the arguements you can cause by walking around like eye candy !

From a kick in the nuts the other night .
u can look without staring
Why Would a 40 Year Old Woman?
wear stickers on her shoes? I mean stickers she purchased and put all over her sandals? She wears those jeans where you can see her *** crack and thong, and her stomach sticks out of her tight top................................

And she's got an 8 year old guy???
IDK tbut that's pretty sick and nasty I'm very sorry that you looked at her at all. I feel so bad for you. She probably thinks she like 20.
What do You Think of a Woman?
who is 40lbs overweight wears a tight t-shirt with stomach hanging out, and you can see her *** crack and thong while her jeans ride low. Her pants are ripped and stained...............out in public................

And then goes to church on Sunday wearing a top and a long skirt down to her ankles looking like a pristine virgin?

WHy do women do this?
I think ..... at least she has the common sense to dress somewhat appropriately for church even though she lacks good judgment on other days.
I cant help that I love Victoria's Secret thongs, are any willing to accept this?
Girls you don't know how good you really have it when it comes to underwear! You have so many brands, types, and cute colors to choose from. Im a 19 year old guy with an athletic body no gross body hair other then a little on my legs thats is blonde and not much at all. I am extremely tan and have a what most girls consider a great *** that looks good in either tight or bootcut jeans and no I'm not making this up. I don't understand why girls are so grossed out by cute guys wearing thongs that are comfy and have fun colors. I swear I can pull a thong off just as well as any girl with a nice body. Some of the thongs that Victoria's Secret makes actually fit guys extremely well, while staying very comfortable throughout the whole day. Im a straight guy, never have even considered being bi or gay, I'm into girls that are cute and love looking cute especially by wearing cute thongs made usually by Victoria's Secret or aerie just like me. I have to say girls have it made because of Victoria's Secret, such an amazing store! I know some guys should not wear thongs but maybe you could consider sharing your style of underwear with guys like me who can actually not look gross wearing that cute colorful Victoria's Secret PInk cotton thong. Why not be bold and have fun wearing colorful and cute thongs, I know I do and refuse to stop. Girls I'm begging try your hardest to accept me wearing fun comfy underwear. If you like the looks and feel of how your thongs are why not let your male companion wear them if you know he could possibly look cute and at the same time spice up the relationship a bit. Im not some weird old guy I attend a nice College and have had some gorgeous girls friends in the past. If you think I look gross in a thong I will personally send you a pic of me wearing a thong in sweatpants and no not my whole *** just a peek and I guarantee you that you wont find it gross and may actually gain some faith that I can pull a comfy and cute thong off.
ummmm.... ew?
thongs are disgusting like having a wedgie all day long, and you wouldnt get me into Vickies' Secret for $500! all sorts of lewd, over-sexed images in their. noooo way..

my man is into sweet/cute/innocent looks and thats why i do not wear these VS thongs!

but whatever floats your boat man!
How to deal with having a milf?
i am a 15 yr old guy who has a single mom that is a milf. everything in her wardrobe is seductive. her only shoes are either stillettos or **** me boots.every skirt she owns is a mini, and she owns a total of 10 pairs of hot pants. her one pair of jeans are really tight and show off her ***. all of her dresses are really tight and revealing, and she only ever wears tight little tank tops that show plenty of cleavage from her massive double d implants. one of these tops even says MILF in big bold print on the front, and MILF is also her licence plate. she never leaves the house without doing her makeup all slutty and having a thong hanging out for all to see. despite being in her forties, she looks better than almost every 20 yr old out there, and she knows it. she flirts with every male she comes across, my teachers, my friends, my friend's dads,even the mailman. all that my friends ever seem to talk to me about is how much they wanna do my mum and it is really getting to me. i have asked her before to maybe tone it down a little, although all she does is get insulted and start flirting even more and dressing even sluttier. am i doomed to forever be the one with the hot mom, or is there something i can do to sort out my predicament.
That honestly doesn't seem very fair how she is acting to you. She is your mother and she should be thinking about you first and how you feel. My mother did the same stuff, I think it comes out of being single and wanting attention from a man. But she should really be respecting your feelings. Try to tell her in the nicest way possible to "put something on when she comes around your friends" or you could just be blunt and tell her that she is embarrassing you! it's okay for her to know that she is attractive, but it sounds like she is taking it a little too far!

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